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A Beginners Guide on How to Build a Decking.

Are you ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level with a stunning deck, but also consider yourself a complete novice? We are here to help. Building a deck is an exciting DIY project that can turn your back garden into a great space for friends and family. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of building a deck, and we’ll introduce you to some of our products to guarantee your decking is from the highest quality materials. So, let’s jump right in... Read More


How to Apply Azpects Cleaning and Sealing Products

At Beatson’s Building Supplies, we understand the importance of keeping your outdoor surfaces clean and well-maintained. That’s why we offer a range of Azpects cleaning and sealing products to help you achieve just that. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of Azpects’ best-selling products and explain how to use them effectively. Azpects EasyJoint EasyJoint is a popular product for jointing and pointing patios, driveways, and other paved surfaces. It is a simple and effective way to fill the gaps between the paving stones and create a... Read More


How to Build a Pergola

A pergola is an excellent structure to add to your garden space. Ideal for socialising, growing plants and making the most of the outdoors.


Garden Fence Laws in the UK

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. But it's best to get clued up on garden fence law in the UK before you can create your dream garden.

Composite Prime 31/08/2018

Comparing Plastic Decking & Wood Decking – What’s the Difference?

A common question frequently asked when it comes to composite decking  – ‘What’s the difference between plastic decking and traditional wood decking?’. Both types of decking can be similar in appearance and require roughly the same degree of skill and cost to install, however a few notable differences between the two materials are worth highlighting, especially so if you are considering options for a new decked area for your garden. We decided to review these differences to help with the decision. Extended lifetime Treated wood has certainly been a favourite... Read More


Discover our great Erin range at Beatsons!

Looking to transform your garden or allotment ? Try our range of Erin products including decorative mini chips bark 100l bag, multi purpose compost 70ltr, garden top soil 25ltr bag and farm manure compost 50ltr bag.


The sky’s the limit

Looking for more space in your home? One option that many people are looking at when moving home is just not an option is to extend their homes within the existing footprint of the property. If you have a suitable roof space a good option that will add extra living space to home your and value is a loft extension. The roof trusses are an integral structural element of your home and an extension into the loft should not be undertaken without seeking expert advice, there are many builders that... Read More


Room with a view

In Britain we fall behind our European Neighbours in use of balconies in our home. Now this is probably down to our weather but it does not rain every day. What could be nicer than sitting on your own balcony enjoying a glass of wine overlooking your garden or the countryside around your home? Velux roof windows have a huge range of products that will allow you to create a stunning balcony or roof terrace within the roof space of your home. These are especially good for homes with limited... Read More


Driving your Imagination

First impressions count and if your home doesn’t have that kerbside appeal then maybe it is time to think about a change to your driveway. These days the traditional grey slab is becoming less popular and many people are looking to have new mono block based driveways installed. Undertaking such a major change to your property should not be undertaken lightly and we would always recommend you get a professional installer to assist you in such a project. It is important that the driveway compliments the house and gardens and... Read More