Stonemarket guides

Laying guides for Artificial Grass, Paving, Paviour and Walls are provided by Stonemarket and can be downloaded here.

Stonemarket Grass Laying Guide

Artificial Grass

Designed to perfectly replicate natural grass, Stonemarket Fairway artificial grass offers high performance, backed with a 10 year UV guarantee. The Fauna Blend features a jute thatch and a 30mm pile height to give a luxurious finish to any garden, for all the family to enjoy.
Download Artificial Grass Laying Guide
Stonemarket Paving Laying Guide


This simple but very handy Stonemarket laying guide has detailed steps for preparation, general paving flag laying instructions, specific advice for your paving range (Trustone, Vintage Stone, Marketstone, Granite, Lorento etc), as well as laying guide for Stonemarket driveways.

Download Stonemarket Paving Laying Guide

Stonemarket Paviors Laying Guide


The Stonemarket Paviors guide will give you all the basic information to start planning installation. From the prep', groundworks and foundations. Considerations for cutting, vibrating and safety are also covered here...

Download Stonemarket Paviors Laying Guide

Stonemarket Walling Plan for Laying


Get the details for Stonemarket Walls including Exilis, Rio, Vintage and Carluke walling styles. Laying a Stonemarket wall is covered step by step in this clear text based written guide. 

Download Stonemarket Walls Laying Guide


Find the correct laying pattern for your Stonemarket circle kit or project pack. Download and print your chosen guide. 

Yorkstone Layout Project Pack

Yorkstone NEXTPave

Repeatable pattern for Yorkstone NEXTpave which uses the exact quantities contained in the Stonemarket project pack, with a toatal coverage of 5m²

8 No. 600 x 600mm
10 No. 600 x 300mm
4 No. 300 x 300mm

Download Yorkstone Paving Laying Guide

Cirkle Yorkstone Layout plan

Yorkstone NEXTPave Circle

The 2.44m diameter Yorkstone NEXTpave Circle is supplied in a complete 25 piece kit and can be squared off using a Squaring-off Kit making a 2.7m square. This can be inlaid into Yorkstone NEXTpave paving without any cutting being required.

Download Yorkstone Circle Laying Guide

Millstone Layout plan

Millstone NEXTPave

When it is repeated 3 times it uses the exact quantities contained in our project packs of Millstone NEXTpave giving a total coverage of 10 m2.

This repeatable random layout uses the following quantities of Millstone NEXTpave:

2 No. 615 x 610mm
4 No. 610 x 610mm
2 No. 610 x 305mm
4 No. 305 x 305mm

Download Millstone Nextpave laying Pattern Guide


Millstone Layout pattern Circle Square

Millstone NEXTPave Circle

The 1.83m diameter Millstone NEXTpave Circle is supplied as a complete 20 piece kit and can be squared off using a Squaring-off Kit making a 2.44m square. This can be inlaid into Millstone NEXTpave paving without any cutting being required.

Download Millstone Circle Laying Guide

Stonemarket Trustone Laying Pattern

Trustone Paving

This layout uses the exact quantities contained in our project packs of Trustone Fieldland, Trustone Glenmoor, Trustone Fellstyle, Trustone Torvale and Trustone Cotsdale.

9 No. 855 x 570mm 
10 No. 570 x 285mm 
8 No. 570 x 570mm 
8 No. 285 x 285mm 
10 No. 570 x 425mm

Download Trustone Paving Laying Guide

Stonemarket Trustone Circle

Trustone Circle

The 2.84m Trustone Circle is available in Fieldland and Glenmoor. It is supplied as a complete 25 piece kit and can be squared off using Trustone Corner Infill Sets and inlaid into Trustone paving without any cutting being required.

Download Trustone Circle Laying Guide

Vintage Stone Paving

This layout uses the exact quantities contained in our project packs of Vintage Stone Raven.
One slab of each of the 5 sizes shown covers a total of 1.3 square metres.

4 No. 855 x 570mm
13 No. 570 x 570mm
12 No. 570 x 425mm
11 No. 570 x 285mm
10 No. 285 x 285mm

Download Vintage Stone Laying Guide

Arctic Granite Revolve

Supplied as a complete 73 piece kit the Revolve feature is 2.4m square. It is cut and designed to be laid butt jointed. Revolve can be surrounded by 20 no. Arctic Granite Glacier 600 x 600mm to increase its size to 3.6m square as shown on page 20. As Arctic Granite is a natural material, varying degrees of quartz veining may be apparent in some pieces.

Download Arctic Granite Revolve Guide

Marketstone Circle

Marketstone Autumn Multi and Grey Multi Circles are 2.84m diameter and are supplied as complete 37 piece kits. Marketstone Sahara Multi Circle shares the same basic configuration but comes as a complete 25 piece kit and is 2.44m diameter.

Download Marketstone Circle Laying Guide

Millstone & Templeton Driveway Setts

It is essential that the ‘Millstone and Templeton Driveway Setts Installation Guide’ is always followed, to order a copy call the Stonemarket Technical Helpline on 0345 302 0603. Every pack of Millstone and Templeton Setts comes with the right amount of Jointing Compound and can be installed on a standard MOT Type 1 and Sharp Sand sub-base.

Download Millstone & Templeton Guide

Trueslate Border & Star

Truslate Star Border and Corner units are available separately. The Border unit is 600 x 300mm and the Corner unit is 300mm square. In the layout shown the Border and Corner units are used to create a border to an area of Truslate. The layout can be enlarged to suit the available space.

Download Truslate Border & Star Guide

Ampliar Rountop Edging

Guidance on Installation of Ampliar Roundtop Edging and the Millstone and Templeton Driveway Setts Installation Guide.

Download Ampliar Rountop Edging Laying Guide