Monoblock Wishaw

With the versatility of paving slabs, Wishaw homeowners can create pathways, driveways, install steps on sloped terrain or lay strong foundations for heavy garden structures, all with long-lasting results.

Choose from superior grade sands, aggregates, a variety of paving options including monoblock, Wishaw homeowners and local contractors trust Beatsons for quality supplies that are guaranteed to last.

Beatsons’ Builders Merchants have been in the hard and soft landscaping business for decades. We are Wishaw’s top choice for leading brands including Marshalls paving and Driveline® channels designed to channel water away from property boundaries.

Complete any type of monoblock installation in style with a huge collection of edging/kerbing solutions as well any equipment needed to erect fencing or gates on top of monoblock.

Beatson’s can supply all the materials needed for a professional-grade monoblock installation that’s designed to last for years with minimal maintenance with local delivery available throughout Wishaw.

Whatever your paving needs, you’ll find it at your local Beatson’s store near Wishaw. For sales assistance, call our helpline on Free Phone: 01236 722580

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