Hot Tubs Stirling

Turn your outdoor space into a mini haven of relaxation with quality bespoke hot tubs. Stirling Beatson’s stock a range of luxury hot tubs, curated from international artisans with premium materials renowned for their thermal insulation qualities. All our hot tubs are super economical to operate, all are hard shell and you can choose your power source - wood burning water heaters or bio-fuel.  

Our Hot Tubs are Designed for Use Throughout the Year

Take advantage of Beatson’s gigantic collection of garden supplies to create a stunning environment for your hot tub to be used throughout the year. 

We stock hard-shell hot tubs that are suitable for winter use. To enjoy your hot tub throughout the year, you will need shelter from the elements. For that, Beaton’s stock a wide range of robust timbers to build your own gazebo, or purchase ready-to-erect gazebos and the installation supplies for a permanent setup. We also carry a vast selection of aggregates suited to creating a solid, flat, stable surface for erecting our hot tubs on, including anti-slip tiles. 

Everything you need to completely transform a garden of any size, will be stocked at your local Beatson’s in Stirling. 

Economical Hot Tubs that Don’t All Require Electric 

Every hot tub requires power to run the water heater. Otherwise, it’d just be an outdoor bath. Powering the water heaters, pumps and jets can be done with electricity, diesel, bio-fuel or wood fired water heaters. 

At Beatson’s in Stirling, hot tubs we stock include wood fired water heaters and bio-fuel water heaters. Each of our hot tubs comes equipped with everything needed for installation, and a cover to retain heat for longer, lessening the amount of fuel needed to bring the water up to temperature. 

Thermal Insulation and Covers Retain the Heat for Longer 

To save even more on the running costs of our hot tubs, covers are included and the materials are carefully selected for their thermal insulation qualities. 

Some of our hot tubs are lined with polyurethane insulation, manufactured with highly durable fiberglass, and include a cover so that when you next use it, you don’t have to heat the water from cold. The difference in heating time can be as much as two hours and our bio-fuel powered heaters only require 2L of fuel per hour but that’s only when the heater is on. Our hot tubs are equipped with temperature controls, and thermostatic shut-offs that will turn the heater off once the water’s reached temperature. 

Come along to the Beatson’s depot on Craigleith Road, Stirling to browse our newest collection of hot tubs available for delivery throughout Stirling. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 07:30 to 17:00 and Saturdays, 07:30 to 13:00. Should you have questions, our team can be reached by calling us on 01786 450969 or emailing us at


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