Hot Tubs North Lanarkshire

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and hydrotherapy with our superb range of bespoke hot tubs. North Lanarkshire is the perfect spot for our carefully curated selection of hot tubs designed for harsh winter weather. 

Think hot tubs are for the summer? Think again! The winter is superb for outdoor soaking, making aches drift away with the breeze, and soothing your mind. 

All our hot tubs are available for local delivery throughout North Lanarkshire. 

Set Your Garden Space Up for Year-Round Relaxation 

To benefit from year-round use of hot tubs, you need the appropriate space. At Beatson’s Direct Cumbernauld, we deliver a wide range of garden products throughout North Lanarkshire. You’ll find a wide range of landscaping materials and robust timbers to build your own gazebo, or we can supply ready-to-erect gazebos, and even the decking to place your new hot tub on. 

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs Ready for Local Dispatch

The price of buying a hot tub is inconsequential to the price it’s going to cost to run it. Electricity may be convenient (if you have a nearby outdoor power outlet) but it’s rarely the most cost effective, nor energy efficient.

Hot Tubs supplied by Beatson’s are carefully selected based on a range of factors that make them economical purchases. 

We can provide you with wood fired hot tubs, or an eco-friendly biodiesel-powered water heater. These are suited to any outdoor space, including the gardens of holiday homes.

To reduce operating costs, the materials used in the construction of our hot tubs make all the difference. Fiberglass is a tough, durable plastic with high thermal resistance. Polyurethane insulation brings the same thermal insulation qualities used across the construction industry to lower energy costs and puts that same insulation right within our hot tubs. 

The result is a faster water heat-up time with low energy consumption. Operating costs for an 8-person hot tub can be as low as 2L per hour for fuel powered heaters. Wood fired heaters offer better sustainable energy use as all the wood used is 100% renewable, but you should keep in mind that smoke will be inevitable, therefore it should be placed away from neighbouring buildings to avoid nuisance neighbourhood smoke. 

For wood fired hot tubs, we’d recommend suitable storage to keep all your logs dry as any dampness will increase the smoke produced. In addition to our hot tubs, you’ll find a wide selection of firewood storage solutions including log stores, and garden sheds.

All our hot tubs and other garden supplies can be delivered locally throughout North Lanarkshire. Your nearest Beatson’s Depot to North Lanarkshire with hot tubs in stock is located at Glencryan Rd, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, within easy commute of North Lanarkshire. Should you have any questions about our hot tubs, our team can be contacted by telephoning: 01236 722580 or emailing:

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