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Your garden ought to be an extension of your property. An outdoor sanctuary to unwind, destress, unclutter your mind and recharge. All of that can be accomplished by hot tubs. Glasgow Beatson’s will help you to transform your garden into a year-round sanctuary regardless how much space you have or if your gardens shaded by trees, or prone to gusty winds in the winter. 

Hot Tubs for Year-Round Use, Even in the Damp and Dreary Winter Months in Glasgow 

With outdoor hot tubs, Glasgow gardens can be functional outdoor spaces in the coldest of winters. Water heaters heat the water up to 40 to 45-degrees Celsius. Perfect for enjoying the frosty nights surrounded by snow, sheltered under a gazebo and surrounded by nature.  

Each of our hot tubs have temperature controls letting you set the temperature you want. Increase it in the winter, drop it in the Summer. Temperature control is partially what will let you use your hot tub all year. 

Additional Garden Supplies for Maximum Enjoyment 

To make the most of hot tubs in Glasgow, you’ll need a solid base and an overhead shelter. Glasgow is served by Beatson’s Cumbernauld depot and that’s where we have the largest landscaping showroom of all our depots throughout Scotland. 

In addition to our hot tubs, you can find luxurious paving systems, timber decking, artificial grasses, and a multitude of timbers you could use for a DIY gazebo, or choose one of our ready-to-assemble gazebos. 

Depending on the model of hot tub you choose, additional storage may be required, such as log stores for storing firewood to use on our wood-fired hot tubs. These are the perfect solution for large gardens, holiday homes, and even on glamping sites to set up beside pods to provide that luxury appeal in rural areas without requiring extensive cabling for an electrical supply. 

We can supply wood-fired hot tubs and hot tubs that use bio-fuel as the power source for the water heater. 

Economical to Operate and Environmentally Friendly 

When buying a hot tub, there’s two costs to consider. The purchase price and the ongoing operational costs. To help keep your running costs down, the hot tubs sourced by Beatson’s are carefully chosen for their low running costs and thermal insulation qualities. 

Our hard-shell hot tubs are made with robust fiberglass, lined with polyurethane insulation, and supplied with covers. The covers help keep retain heat overnight as the temperature drops, and in the summer, it can be put on the hot tub during the peak of hot afternoon sun to prevent the temperature rising to uncomfortable levels. 

Polyurethane insulation lining is the same type of material used for wall insulation in the construction industry. For the exterior, fiberglass is highly durable, offers good thermal qualities, is aesthetically pleasing as it gives the look of natural wood but is lighter than traditional wood saunas. 

Come along to Beatson’s Cumbernauld depot to browse our selection of new hot tubs available for delivery throughout Glasgow. We’re located at Glencryan Road, Carbrain, in Cumbernauld, Glasgow. Opening hours are weekdays 07:30 to 17:00 and 07:30 to 13:00 on Saturdays. Should you have questions, we can be contacted by telephone on 01236 722580 or by emailing

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